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Overall Best Casino - Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa - With it's mix of top end restaurants, spa, shops, nightclubs and variety of games, upscale rooms with astounding views and it's newness, the Borgata takes the lead.

Best Casino Buffet - Borgata Buffet - A huge assortment of delicacies, from meat and potato and seafood entrees to dazzling desserts that'll send your blood sugar off the chart. Cuisine: The complete assortment of everything on earth to eat. Ambiance: Casual 

Best Italian Restaurant at a Casino - Carmine’s, Tropicana Casino & Resort Atlantic City. A lot of the reason is because Carmine's is informal. Eat the way we Italians eat. Wood floors and family style. 

Best Seafood Restaurant at a Casino - Blue Point Raw Bar, Harrah’s Atlantic City. Fresh.. Like it just came off the boat, which it probably did.

Best Casino to Play Table Games - (Exception Poker see above) The Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort ... Yeh we know The Borgata is Classier... But, really now, doesn't it feel more exciting at the Taj?

Best Casino to Play the Slots - Trump Plaza - On the Boardwalk - Hey! Are you playing to win.... or to sit in comfy seats with Borgata Babes dancing around you offering you drinks? The Plaza has a high payout percentage, is on the boardwalk, is not overwhelming in size, and is in the middle of the strip close to some cheap hotels.

The Best Place to Play Blackjack - Bally's Park Place - Park Place & Boardwalk, Atlantic City. As any "serious player" will tell you it's Bally's!

Best Place to Play Poker - Showboat Hotel Casino - 801 Boardwalk at States Ave. This is our favorite poker room in town. And we're sure it was an "after thought" but it has some nice features... first it's got the best chairs. Second it's on the second floor in a quiet little section all on it's own, then there's the fact there's no "rail" and it sort of feels like one would imagine a Poker Parlor on a riverboat to be like (if you squint). It is also, usually, quiet enough to have a conversation. There are a few muted "naked lady" murals on the wall that are tasteful and what appears to be dark Leather paneled walls that are a nice touch.

Best Floor Service - The Hilton Casino - Boston Ave and The Boardwalk, Atlantic City. In the tradition of European hotel-casinos you can wander around anywhere in the 60,000 sq. ft of gaming area and you'll just have to look over your shoulder to find someone to attend to your floor service needs. The waitress/waiter staff, the floor managers, and the maintenance staff "swarm" over the place. Want a drink? Nod and they'll attend. Win at the slots? Your winnings appear with a smile. (After all, isn't it just a part of the show anyway?) We think they are "The Best".

Best Thrill at a Slot Machine! - The Borgata's new $1,000 Monsters. If dropping that coin into the slot and pulling the lever doesn't raise the hair on the back of your neck.... You'll be forced to watch "Friday the Thirteenth Part XIV" over and over again in your room before returning to the casino floor. In addition, our survey reveals that the Borgata has the losest slots in town. Here are the recent percentage returns.

Borgata 90.74
Trump Marina 90.33
Trump Taj Mahal 89.93
Harrah’s 94.15
Trump Plaza 93.02
Trump Marina 92.40
Trump Plaza 95.77
Trump Taj Mahal 95.15
AC Hilton 94.80
Harrah’s 92.63
AC Hilton 92.19
Showboat 92.18
Trump Taj Mahal 93.98
Trump Marina 93.35
Bally’s Park Place 93.23
Borgata 92.51
Trump Plaza 92.25
Trump Taj Mahal 92.14

Accommodations - For the Best Value it's The Tropicana on a Weeknight - With Prices from $39.00 (OK so that's midweek on a DEAD week in the middle of winter. But still, $69- 89 dollars in season is a GREAT buy). For the Best Rooms it's the Borgata or on the Boardwalk The Taj

Best Place to Find the Time at a Casino - Bally's ! The only Casino in town with a clock on the Casino floor !

The Only Casino with a real Japanese Restaurant - Caesars!

Kudos to the Hilton for Environmental Sensitivity - The only casino to find nesting Peregrine Falcons in Atlantic City.

Live Regularly Scheduled Free Lobby Entertainment! The Showboat! You can Stand in the lobby or lean against the wall and listen to great jazz, Blues, and New Orleans music.

The Only Place in town to see a Singing Bartender and Chickens that Play Tic Tac Toe is..... The Tropicana. And we gotta tell you we've stood and watched the chicken peck away in that cage for hours. He (she) (it) is just fascinating.

The only Casino with a separate non smoking gaming area. The Trump Plaza in the middle of the Strip.

The Best Spa at at Casino on the Boardwalk - Ballys. And here's the complete scoop on this room/spa package.

Best Place to find Penny Progressive Slots - Resorts!

The Best Place in town to drink a beer while walking around the premises. - The Borgata. Since the new New Jersey rules change the Borgata is the only place in town to follow the new guidelines.

The Best Place in town to take a shower with your Significant Other - The Borgata - Each room has a marble shower large enough for two.

Quickest Parking at a Casino - The Borgata. Not only do you not have to go into Atlantic City proper (the Borgata is out of town in the Marina Area), but They have Speed Ramp Parking to take you right up to the floor of your choice.


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